There is a wasteland in a land afar
The plain is scorched
Dead trees as black sticks in the sand

Water pools have dried up
An arid cold wind moves the air

All life seems to be gone
Black clouds passing by reveal the blazing sun

There is a wasteland in a land afar
and there she roams
Nowhere to go, no one else in sight

Tears rolling down her cheek
Drops of water falling on the barren land

And there it is in between the nothingness a little seed
Feeling refreshed by the salty drops
And more fall, green leaves sprout in the wasteland afar

All around is a monochrome red desert
Covered by dark clouds

But there it silently grows
In between her tears, it slowly grows
The little germ opens its green stalks embracing the sky

A little sprout of hope appears

Damp from the plant’s leaves feed the sky
Finally freeing the rain
Washing all the pain away

A flower appears
There is hope in the wasteland far away

Tears stop falling, her eyes fixating on the pink and green
The flower of hope in a desperate place

The rain falls down, it pours
She is free
Green starts to appear all over

The draught will soon be in the past
The wasteland disappearing into memory afar


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