The shift

Twenty years ago we crossed Europe from south to north in a life changing journey. I moved so often but never out of this country I considered my home for such a long time. We passed through Italy and Germany all the way up to the Netherlands…all remains is a blurred memory of snowy roads and blue skies. This 31st of December twenty years later feels like a key turning point yet again. I can’t believe so much time has passed: what will the next decade bring us? What has destiny in stuck for us? Other life changing journeys? Where will they take me? With whom will I be? Over eight years in Brussels and I can’t help to wonder if a shift is coming.
Sometimes we’d like the stars to tell us which journey we should embark on, the turns we should take. But stars are just stars, the moon is just the moon. Destiny is what we make of it with the cards that are dealt to us. The journey I’ll take the next twenty years will depend on the cards I’ll get and the choices I’ll make.
At midnight looking over this city I realise this is the city I love. Of all the places I lived in, no where else I felt as at home as here. This place with its people, with my friends, its magical spots and its caos, is still able to surprise me.
Yet I wonder, how will I look back to this day twenty years from now? Not knowing what the card deck has in store for me…

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