The journey

I seem to be, as usual, more on the road than anywhere else. Green fields clouds, sunshine and sheep greet me. I enjoy it, the journey. In the end it is all about the journey. The destination doesn’t matter that much. I’m not the first one having this thought crossing my mind, and surely neither the last. Cities, rivers and mountains pass by in a blur. All disappear as quick as they appeared. Life is much like this train journey. It does not really matter where we end up, the people we meet along the road, the things we learn, the loved ones we gain and loose. Nothing else matters.
And yes everywhere I go, I meet people along the way. From Ha long bay to Belfast. Gin and wishky all the way. Who would say. Maybe the best thing of travelling is meeting all these different people, becoming friends. My mind takes me back at a warm Cambodian night, dinner under the starlight sky. To Dominican tropical fiestas and Northern Irish nightcaps, Spanish tapas and Bolivian beers…
In the rainiest of places. You my friend, make the sun come out.

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