The art of happiness

I know the idea of a blog is writing often, at least every couple of weeks but somehow I have found myself occupied by several things…but I promise solemnly I will work harder in keeping this endeavour going.  I know I started telling you about my particular trip to Spain some months ago but I would like to make a little diversion.

I lately listen often to an Italian song called ‘Controvento’ – against the wind, a sad but beautiful song that is part of this movie soundtrack that some years ago my good friend insisted me to see. This Italian cartoon of which ‘Cotrovento’ is part, called ‘L’arte della felicità ‘.

The art of happiness. 

The word ‘art’ made me think today while I was walking to work; we have nowadays the conception of art being something for the enjoyment of everyone but still we don’t pretend we all can make art – we are just are spectators enjoying its expression. So if this is true, not everyone can possess the art of happiness and only some of us can master this craft. I started to think there is a truth in this. 

Somehow it seems for some people happiness seems so natural, adversities are taken rationally and overcome. For others it seems they are always running trying to chase these fleeting moments of happiness trying to master this art and hold on to it. Can we ever learn this art and truly be happy? I might sound depressed and melancholic but I wonder: maybe we should just stop chasing something we cannot master and be simply be content with what we have got, after all we cannot all be van Goghs and Picassos. Or is there a way to learn this aptitude? After all, people take classes for painting, dance … name it, I am willing to try and see. I started running and I noticed the peace it brings me and soon I’ll try meditation. Only time will tell if I can hold on to a sense of serenity or if it is fleeting as a leaf in the wind.


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