Sea breeze




Sea breeze in the air

Sand between my feet

The sun glistering in my face

The infinite ocean right in front of me


What if I would be swallowed by it

Would I become a little fish

Or an ink squirting octopus


A sea shell with sparkling pearls

A sea horse whirling

A pelican softly landing on the water


I stand here in the Caribbean breeze

An ocean in front of me

An ocean with so many stories to tell

An ocean of deep treasures and dark secrets


It’s deep blue all around

The sky is red, orange and pink

Then red again

The sun slowly disappearing at the horizon


And I stand here

With my feet in the wet sand

Dreaming away


What lies behind the horizon?


I wish I was a fish

Swimming in the warm waters

Or could I be a mermaid singing to the sailors


It’s harsh there out at sea

The waves shake the boat

Rock it left and right

Back and forth


The waves clashing their deep white foam upon the rocky shores

Cracking them slowly to sand

Golden sand between my feet


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