The imperative is to remember. Remember the sunshine on your skin. Remember the loyal friends always at your side even when you’ve been an ass. Remember where you came from, the road that you travelled and left behind. Remember your family for all their worth and support. Remember the flowers in spring, the orange leaves in autumn. Remember a time when everything seemed so much easier. Remember the blood, sweat and tears. Remember the hugs. Remember the love. Remember the pain.
Whatever happens, remember. Remember how much all this is worth. Remember all what you have. Two hands, 10 fingers, a beating heart. Remember the lovely smiles. Remember the anger. The good the bad. The twinkling stars in the sky. The full moon always bringing joy. Remember the clouds the rain drops on your skin. Always remember.
Remember that the moment you will stop to remember, only an empty grey space of nothingness will be left. A black hole with no ending. No memories no nothing no beautiful life.

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