On hold


Birds are flying in a flock outside right next to the parked plane. Yes I’m in the airport waiting, waiting for the delayed flight to come. And my mind as always wanders off. How much time do we spend waiting in our lives? The goal is to wait less and live more…not always that straightforward but certainly I don’t want to waste my life wondering and waiting missing out on the good stuff waiting for something that might never come.


Today waiting for this plane I’m flying home after an amazing weekend in Spain with friends. Once again I feel filled with joy. All the love and fun of my friends and their families, it’s contagious. Life needs to be lived I can’t stand here having life passing by waiting for the next best thing… love, another job, love… things come when they need to come and I do not intend standing on the side waiting . The unexpected is often the best that can happen. Like the birds flying off…no destination towards the horizon.



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