Nine lives

IMG_9238They say that cats have nine lives. How amazing is that, falling down, getting up once again stretch your back and get on it once more…trying one more time. I do wonder while walking around this in Christmas lit city if this doesn’t count for us humans as well. After all we can start over and over whenever we want to, or better whenever we are pushed to do so for any reason that comes about. The New Year brought me to this reflection. I got thinking about how many phases my life went through and each of them with other circumstances, new people and sometimes new places. Not all chances are taken to the fullest, true I went through rough periods that I wish never happened , but the downs of life always brought me to new periods, some very good ones.


2019 started and I realise that the latest phase of my life is a pretty good one. You never know when this will change and how. Inevitably there will always be low, harsh times because life is like this, no one is happy and doing great all the time. (I know it sounds like a huge cliche but that’s why it’s a cliche….there is always a truth in it…)

The trick for the New Year is to keep focused on the things that do make me happy. There always will be blue days,  I’ll just have to take them as they come. As a cat I’ll get up once more if I fall again, trying to meet the sunshine head held high.



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