New year – New beginnings

I had a clear idea to write about my New Years resolutions but now sitting here I’m not so sure anymore. Should I sit here pretending that I will keep them up? Are they even feasible? Won’t I let myself down when I won’t be able to reach them? Isn’t this what happens every year over and over again?

Don’t we all do this? We all speak of  resolutions these first weeks of January, but do people actually keep up to the promises they make on New Years eve? Do we ask too much from ourselves? Putting ourselves up to inevitable disappointment?

Maybe this year I should start small, not expecting to run a marathon, upgrade my garden, start a baking business next to my fulltime job….and so on.

Even the simple sounding – be more positive – sometimes feels as an insuperable mountain. We cannot always be positive. Bad things happen also to positive happy people.

Maybe what we need to do is getting to know ourselves more, liking ourselves more, understanding our limits and forgive ourselves when we won’t be able to reach the top of everything. And if we reach it, can we then be happy and satisfied or will we always need more?

I guess that’s the most difficult challenge of all, be happy with ourselves and with what we already have. Especially me, a thirty-something living in Brussels – let’s face it, I have a quiet good life. Now I need to embrace it!

Yeah I know I start to sound like one of those self-help books I’m reading too much of….maybe there is some truth hidden in all those pages after all….


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