It’s all about the attitude – positive vibes

It all started before the trip I did last weekend to Greece, having coffee with a colleague talking about the advantages and disadvantages of travelling with others. At some point she said: “it’s all about the attitude”. Sitting in the plane I looked outside glazing into the amazing clouds with the sunshine on my face and this thought came back to my mind. 

The way you approach things has a huge impact on how much you can enjoy them. In this same strain of thoughts think of the impact of positive thinking: good things happen to people who believe good things might happen, to people who are positive and accept life as it is. Obviously bad things happen to everyone but it all depends on how you approach them, within limits of reality. You reap what you sow isn’t that the saying? 

This is my resolution to myself for this new year coming (yes I celebrated my birthday this weekend…) I will try as much as I can to look for positive things in every thing that comes on my path, I’ll try to tackle adversities with an open mind and who knows what surprises could head into my direction! 🙂 the hardest thing is holding on to this… 😛

“Dreams of today, loves of tomorrow”



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