In between

We are not here
not there
we are here
we are there
we are both
we are in between
we speak one tongue
we speak the other as if our own

we are both and none at the same time

we are limbo
we are in between
we are not black nor white

not yellow nor red


we are not here nor there

in between
in a little boat in the middle we observe them pass by
from and to their golden and green shores
in their big cruising boats
comfy and warm knowing their destination
knowing where they came from

having their strong roots tying them down

we are neither
no roots
no ties


our rowing boat keeps rocking on the wild waves

wild wild waves
right is left and left is right
east is west and north is south 

they go steady following their itinerary

clear is their origin
we are nor there nor here
we are in between
lost in the unsteady waves
following the stream not to the left nor the right
turning around in a fast circle pivoting around the horizon
no destination
no origin
we are in between

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