Fading away


Something beautiful happens and then the only thing  that is left  is the memory. The moment fades slowly  away all what remains is a set of words, images in your head, flashes of a moment. As if looking through filter, through a grey cloud looking back to the past.


I wish sometimes I could stop time and live in the moment for ever, with no need to remember, remember the feeling.  Remember feeling a rush, a feeling of immense happiness. Not knowing if you will ever get that feeling back, you stay there stuck with the memory, the obfuscated memory. Some memories are there to be forgotten, even being wished away. Forgetting them, forgetting the pain, forgetting they ever actually happened.


But those good moments, immersed in feelings of hope,  of bliss ….Happiness making me remember I’m alive. Like a drug I’d like to feel high on happiness all the time, after the intoxication things don’t seem bright and shiny any longer. All is grey and fades away….away in a memory.



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