As I mentioned last post it was my birthday, one more year has passed and supposedly I should have gotten a bit wiser in addition to older. Not so sure I did get wiser but time will tell if I learned anything from last years adventures and misadventures  This year I got to celebrate my birthday twice and I also feel it starts to be twice as hard to recover. 

Part one was in wonderful Thessaloniki where my friends were the perfect company for the perfect weekend. We passed much time eating and drinking and passing a considerable time on the beach. As relaxing as this sounds I did not get to sleep much and unfortunately I did start tired this trip. Nonetheless this didn’t have an effect on the fun we had, dancing until the early hours on Saturday night in Thessaloniki’s lively nightlife. 

Last weekend I had my second celebration with family during the day and friends for a party at night. It was a wonderful weekend with Brussels bathing in sunshine which was unexpected and very welcome. It’s Monday now and I start feeling the lack of sleep and of holidays the past time. Even Saturday night I was happy being the host and having to welcome people, find drinks and so on as my ability to have conversations was severely impaired by my tired brain. Consider also that I speak several languages and I spend most of the time (also at the party) switching from one to the other…French, Italian, Spanish, English and then Dutch followed each other up in the speed of light  and my 34 year old brain couldn’t keep up…surely alcohol intake didn’t help neither…

Yesterday despite being hard, I met with some friends walked through the sun pierced city and made a new encounter. It’s refreshing when meeting new people can still surprise you. I had such lovely conversations with someone I didn’t know and would not have ever dared hoping to have anything in common with. Two unlikely worlds meeting realising they are not so different at all. This is for me Brussels, the crossroad where strangers meet under rain or sunshine and discover that they are not that different after all.


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