“Bon voyage”


This song the end of every Saturday night when I was a teenager, at both sides of the bar. Someone reminded of it. And for the first time I listen properly to the lyrics. A flash of memories pass by.  Bon voyage. Two words I have heard a lot the past years in different tongues but with the same meaning. I can’t but feel tears running along my face while my mind takes me through a trailer of memories up to today. I wonder if I took a wrong turn somewhere or am I exactly where I need to be?


Bon voyage, from last song at my favorite bar, my job, my friends, my home. To trains and airports, cars and ferries. And now, stuck in this pseudo reality wondering where the next train will take me. Stuck in limbo. Although I might always have been in limbo the places change, the people change but I always keep waiting for the next adventure.


Bon voyage. Saying goodbye to friends, lovers and lost ones. This song with its melancholic tones. Times flies and you barely realise. Bon Voyage and you wake up somewhere else, somewhere you never imagined you’d be. There was a time this song meant I could start cleaning up and go home after a hard night of work and finally sleep to be back the day after serving customers once more. A time of bliss, picking up half empty beer glasses and gesturing people to the exit, returning their coats and start mopping the floors. Wishing them a good trip to dream land. A land beyond these walls. A land beyond this reality. A land where everything is possible.

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