Big heavy suitcase


It is heavy the suitcase I carry around

It is a big leather suitcase

Brown with heavy big copper buckles.

It’s heavy.

I carry it around in the metro stairs.

The stairs seem to never end.

All around people rushing murmuring words in French

It is a warm September day.

A year that seems light years away from now

There she stands the girl with the heavy suitcase at the bottom of the infinite stairs.

It is heavy the suitcase I carry around.

It carries my whole life.

Inside its leather womb

I’d show you what it contains

But would you help me close it once again?

The sun shines over the end of summer leaves

Strong green contrast of the heavy leather suitcase

Green and bright, they almost shine

They shine in the middle age of their existence

Happily moving in the last summer breeze

It is heavy the suitcase I carry around.


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