A million smiling faces


The sun shines strongly on my skin, drops of sweat dripping down my white shirt. The music in the background is slowly ebbing away and I find myself months back in time away from this festival field but under the same blistering sun. Instead of music I hear the humming noise of scooters and tuc tucs in the background and some man trying to sell t-shirts and guidebooks.


He tells me this is his favorite one: 120 smiling faces. It makes me happy. How simple life can be. All around me smiling faces salute me everywhere I go.  Travelling these lands people greet me and their friendliness is spread all over. How nice people can be. Oddly enough I felt less alone travelling by myself than surrounded by my friends and family back home.


Strange how a friendly foreign smile can make you feel, miles from home. In a place where history left its mark, where blood stained the ground and where life was build up once again under the blistering sun.


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