The highest peak

For the second time in a months time I find myself leaving the land where I grew up an, as usual when I come and leave I’m particularly emotional. Bitter sweet they say. This sky, these mountains were my youth.

Yesterday I met two old friends. They told me their stories and I told mine. Now it’s not up to me to tell their stories but they did leave a mark. Time passes and we go all through to good and bad times but the skies and mountains do not change. They stay as the immortal scenery of time.
We have grown up but somehow I saw in our faces the same little girls having fun, singing our songs, going out dressing up like crazy…and oh boy fashion changed luckily 😉
Now I’m sitting here feeling totally nostalgic looking up at this same sky. But I realise that I have never been as happy as now. Somehow the same sky never appeared as blu and transparent as it does now. The sun never shined as brightly. The air never felt as fresh. And while I write tears gush down my face, tears of happiness, tears of pride for my strong friends, tears of happiness that despite all horrible things in the world life is beautiful.

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