The new world


Where ships have sailed, pirates have pillaged, slaves arrived in a new land, where the new world met the old. This fairytale world, lush green landscapes, the coloured houses. I stand here and breathe the history, fresh sea breeze. The sky is blue, clouds appear as if painted out of thin air. He tells me the houses get a new color each year. A new fresh color. It sticks to my mind. Time for a new color for me as well. New year new beginnings.


Way down the rabbit hole while I go. Landing in the most exotic of lands. The first one of the new world. Lush green vegetation, deep blue sees and white beaches. The new world is today the most mixed of worlds. Can we leave everything behind? Mix the good with the bad and forget. Fresh new sheet. The page is turned. The color is new. Fruits never seemed as sweet and the virgin albeit not being untouched, seems new and fresh as every leave. And yet again like everywhere I go, the birds seem the freest of them all. They bring the new seed, new life, new hope from far away lands beyond the turquoise sea.



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